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Find out how to recycle, reduce, re-use and dispose of many items in Suffolk.

Please use the search bar at the top of the page or browse the A to Z to find the item you want to dispose of.

Remember that your item might have more than one name or may be listed under the name of the material it is made of.


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Reduce and re-use

For food waste reduction tips and ideas for meals made from leftovers, see our Food Savvy website. Also Love Food, Hate Waste website is a great source of inspiration for this too. 

Home compost

Home compost binNo dairy food products can be put in a standard home compost bin. Only specialist composting systems such as the HotBin or Bokashi kitchen digester can deal with all food waste. To see these and a whole range of other composting systems at subsidised prices on Suffolk Get Composting.

For advice on other types of food waste, see the "Food waste and leftovers" entry


Household Waste Recycling CentreThe hard plastic casing the floss normally comes in can be recycled at any Suffolk Recycling Centre

Home compostable

Home compost bin You can place bambo floss in your home composting bin. Silk floss may be compostable in smaller quantities (or why not see if you can clean & re-use this type?)


Nylon floss is a plastic type that currently cannot be recycled. You can dispose of it:

Kerbside rubbish bin in your kerbside rubbish bin

Non-recyclable container at a Household Waste Recycling Centrein the non-recyclable container at any Suffolk Recycling Centre

You cannot place diesel in your kerbside rubbish bin and it is not accepted at any Suffolk Household Waste Recycling Centres.   

Find advice and information about hazardous waste collection and disposal here.


  Charity or re-use shopOffer CDs and DVDs to charity shops or through an online re-use network. Sell at a car boot sale, jumble sale or online market. You can also offer them to friends, neighbours, relatives or re-gift unwanted discs.

You can also take old or unwanted gently used items to any Suffolk Recycling Centre  and to put them in the orange re-use containers at site. These items can then be used to support local charities. (Check which items are accepted)


Household Waste Recycling CentreYou can recycle discs in their cases in the media bank at any Suffolk Recycling Centre and empty DVD and CD cases in the hard-plastic container at any Suffolk Recycling Centre.


Why not buy yourself a reusable coffee cup instead? There are lots of different styles and sizes on offer.

Some businesses may even offer money off if you bring your own cup.


Why not ask in store if the coffee shop (Costa & Starbucks are two we have heard of) has any take back or other re-use or recycling options for their coffee cups. (If you learn of any take back or recycling schemes, then we love to hear about it, so we can promote them.)

You can recycle the cardboard sleeve and plastic lid:

Kerbside recycling bin in your kerbside recycling bin

Household Waste Recycling Centrein the cardboard and plastic containers at any Suffolk Recycling Centre


Recycle as home compost

Home compost bin  If the cup has a compostable symbol on it, you can compost it at home in your garden.


You cannot recycle non-compostable coffee cups due to the mix of materials in them.

You will need to put them in your kerbside rubbish bin or in the non-recyclable container at any Suffolk Recycling Centre.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) items such as disposable face masks and gloves cannot be recycled in Suffolk, so need to be placed in your general rubbish bin. 

Please follow the link below for more information on how to safely to dipose of any PPE or other COVID-19 related waste: 


When possible please try to remove any glass so this can go to the sheet glass container. If this isn't possible please ask site staff where you should place your door as it depends on the type of material it is made from.