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Find out how to recycle, reduce, re-use and dispose of many items in Suffolk.

Please use the search bar at the top of the page or browse the A to Z to find the item you want to dispose of.

Remember that your item might have more than one name or may be listed under the name of the material it is made of.


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For advice on larger electrical appliances (fridge, freezer, oven etc), see "Large electrical appliances"

For advice on smaller electrical items (hairdryer, toaster, laptop, microwave etc), see "Small electricals items"


Household Waste Recycling CentreRemove e-cigarette battery and place in the battery container and put the rest of the empty e-cigarette in the small electrical items container at any Suffolk Recycling Centre


Household Waste Recycling CentreYou can recycle used engine oil at any Suffolk Recycling Centre. 

It is important that all waste oil is contained securely, and disposed of appropriately to avoid contamination.

For further information on the disposal of waste engine oil and further disposal points please see Oil Bank Line.