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Find out how to recycle, reduce, re-use and dispose of many items in Suffolk.

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Remember that your item might have more than one name or may be listed under the name of the material it is made of.


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 Home compost 

Home compost bin Hair (including human and from pets/animals) is a natural fibre and can be home composted.

Try not to introduce it in clumps as the fibres will break down quicker if they are spread out. 


Hardcore and rubble could be donated to a local community project or offered on Freecycle or Freegle. 


Household Waste Recycling CentreThere is a charge for disposing of hardcore, rubble and soil at any Suffolk Recycling Centre.

This includes: breeze blocks, bricks, ceramics (e.g. sinks/toilets), concrete, tiles, flagstones, gravel, sand, soil/turf, stones and tarmac. 

Volume Charge
Up to ten (25L) bags or equivalent  £2 per 25L (min charge £2) 
Over ten (25L) bags or equivalent   £2.50 per 25L 
Half transit van or equivalent  £25
Full transit van or equivalent  £50
Double wheeled van or equivalent   £100

For large amounts you could also hire a skip, a skip bag, or dispose of the waste at a commercial waste transfer station (a charge may apply).


You cannot place hazardous waste in your kerbside rubbish bin and it is not accepted at any Suffolk Household Waste Recycling Centres.   

Hazardous waste includes:

  • syringes
  • poisons
  • corrosive/flammable liquids
  • household and garden chemicals (including bleach)

Find advice and information about hazardous waste collection and disposal.

Re-use and recycle 

You can take unwanted NHS provided healthcare equipment such as crutches and wheelchairs back to Medequip's collection depots in Bury St Edmunds, Beccles and Ipswich.

Contact Medequip for further details or to arrange a collection either by phone 01473 351805 or email suffolk@medequip-uk.com.   

You can also currently take healthcare equipment to three of the Suffolk Recycling Centres where they are collected for return to the NHS:

  • Bury St Edmunds
  • Foxhall
  • Lowestoft

Please ask site staff where these items need to be placed.

Re-use and recycle

Hearing aids issued by the NHS are the property of the NHS and if no longer needed should be returned to your NHS trust.

Other hearing aids can be recycled at some charities or organisations (e.g. The Lions Club).

One organisation which you can take or post hearing aids to in Ipswich is the Hearing Care Centre.


Household Waste Recycling CentreYou can recycle hearing aids in the small electrical items container at any Suffolk Recycling Centre.


Household Waste Recycling CentreYou can take helium gas bottles and cylinders to any Suffolk Recycling Centre only if you have de-pressurised them as per the manufacturer's instructions first.