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Find out how to recycle, reduce, re-use and dispose of many items in Suffolk.

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Remember that your item might have more than one name or may be listed under the name of the material it is made of.


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Ink cartridges can be refilled at less cost than buying new ones. This saves both waste and money.


Household Waste Recycling CentreYou can also recycle your ink, laser or toner cartridges at any Suffolk Recycling Centre.

Many charities and some companies now collect ink cartridges for recycling, such as the British Red Cross, some will also collect laser printer cartridges and toners from both householders and businesses on behalf of charities. Usually these services are free of charge by supplying freepost return envelopes or by arranging collections for larger quantities. These companies often collect unwanted mobile phones alongside ink cartridges. Try typing "recycling print cartridges" into your internet search engine.


Many pharmacies collect old inhalers for recycling with the 'Complete the Cycle' Scheme.