Business and trade waste

Find out what business and trade waste is, how to have it collected by your local waste collection authority or dispose of it yourself at a recycling centre.

What is business and trade waste?

Trade, commercial or business waste includes:

  • waste from premises used wholly or mainly for the purposes of a trade or business or for the purpose of sport, recreation, education or entertainment

  • refuse from gardening and building work carried out on a domestic property (if the person carrying out the work is not the homeowner)

  • waste from a domestic property that has been given to a commercial company to dispose of, then becomes trade waste 

This does not include household, agricultural or industrial waste.

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Collection service

Contact your waste collection authority to find out more about their competitive and reliable trade waste collection services from your premises.


Email address

Phone number

Babergh District Council  


01787 313706 / 0300 1234 000

East Suffolk Council

01394 444000 / 01502 527100

Ipswich Borough Council  


01473 433084

Mid Suffolk District Council

01449 724820 / 0300 1234 000

West Suffolk Council​

01284 758800

Recycling centres

Business/ Trade waste is now accepted at Recycling Centres, but you will need to book a slot before you visit. Click here to book a timeslot. 

The scheme is targeted at small businesses and travelling tradesmen who may not have the resource or the volume of waste to justify a commercial collection.

Charges and paperwork apply to any waste resulting from a business or trade activity (more information in the drop downs below).

When you arrive:

  • As a trader, it is your duty to declare your waste to site staff upon arrival and pay the appropriate fee before you unload your vehicle.
  • Failure to correctly declare your waste is a breach of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. 

Trade waste recycling van

  Non-recyclable Pre-sorted recyclables Green garden waste Wood
Small car £32 £20 £10 £20
Large car, estate, MPV, 4 x 4, small trailer (less than 2m x 1m) £40 £25 £15 £25
Car derived vans, unbraked large trailer (over 2m x 1m) £54 £35 £25 £32.50
Medium van, double axle or braked trailer £81 £40 £30 £49
Large Van (SWB, single wheel axle only) £108 £60 £45 £65
Large van (MWB) £135 £75 £56.50 £81
Large van (LWB) £162 £90 £67.50 £98

See charges for plasterboard and hardcode, rubble and soil.

Vehicles over 3.5 tonne gross weight are not accepted.

Please note:

  • All payments must be made via credit or debit card
  • To get a more cost effective price you should separate your waste for recycling before going to site (e.g. into garden waste, wood, electricals etc).
  • Loads covering more than one pricing band listed above will be charged proportionally. Mixed loads, whether made up of recyclable materials or not, will be charged at the 'non-recyclables / unsorted waste' price.
  • Site staff will assess the amount and type of waste when you arrive at site to determine the amount payable.
  • Site staff may use their discretion to charge a lower rate if your vehicle is only partially full. Quotes cannot be given in advance of presentation at the site.
  • The price determined by site staff is final an non-negotiable. Under any attempt to negotiate, site staff reserve the right to charge the full amount payable for your vehicle size.
  • Height barriers are no longer in use to allow traders to drive onto site, please do so with caution and obeying the site speed limit of 5mph.

Register as a waste carrier

Anyone transporting waste (unless it’s from their own home) is required by the Environment Agency to register as a waste carrier before setting off.

You will not be allowed to use the Recycling Centre if you are unable to provide your registration details.

To register, go to GOV.UK or call the Environment Agency on 03708 506056 for advice. 

To see if your company is likely to be lower or higher tier waste-carrier please visit Environment Agency.

Hazardous waste consignment notes

You may also require a hazardous waste consignment note for some items including electrics and batteries.

See information about consignment notes or call the Environment Agency on 03708 506056 for advice. 

Waste transfer notes

Upon arrival at the site, staff will complete the necessary waste transfer note for the deposit of the waste, take payment, and issue a receipt. 

If you run a business, you are legally responsible for making sure that your waste is handled and disposed of properly. You must comply with the Duty of Care legislation which sets out how commercial or business waste should be: 

  • Stored securely   
  • Transported 
  • Disposed of 
  • Recorded 

Practical advice to enable businesses to comply with their legal requirements can be found on the Right Waste, Right Place website.

Storage of business waste

The Duty of Care makes it your responsibility to ensure that your waste is stored securely. It must be stored in secure containers that protect it from being blown away or disturbed by animals. 

Transportation, handling and disposal

As a waste producer you have a duty of care to ensure your waste is managed lawfully even if you use another company to transport/dispose of it. You can deliver it yourself or have it collected by your local council trade waste service or use a licensed trade waste company. 

As of January 2014, all businesses (and charities) must be registered as a waste carrier with the Environment Agency - including if you are carrying any kind of building or demolition waste (see below). If you transport your own waste (such as by-products of your business activity) or are a charity, then with a few exceptions registration is usually free.   

Your business will also need to be registered as a waste carrier with the Environment Agency if you: 

  • Transport waste that is produced by another business or householder. 

  • Transport any kind of building or demolition waste or any business carrying soil or rubble (i.e. carpenters, kitchen and window fitters, painter and decorators, plumbers ). 

  • To register as a waste carrier, search a list of registered waste carriers, or for further information contact the Environment Agency on 03708 506506. 

If someone else transports your waste you must make sure: 

  • The person is authorised to carry waste. All companies licenced to carry or accept waste are listed on the Environment Agency website – Public Registers. If they can't do this do not give them your waste, contact the Environment Agency on 03708 506 506. 

  • Ensure the waste goes to a proper site, licensed or exempt. 

  • Give the carrier a completed waste transfer note. This must include a full description of the waste and be signed by you and the waste carrier. 

  • Ensure that a declaration is signed on the transfer note to indicate that you have applied the waste hierarchy to your waste. 

Recording information

When you hand over your waste to a third party, you must ensure every load of waste you produce is covered by a Waste Transfer Note, describing whether the waste is loose or contained and what it consists of. This protects the people that handle your waste and allows them to ensure that it is disposed of safely. You must keep records of these notes for at least two years. Find out more about Waste Transfer Notes from here. 

For more information on Duty of Care and your responsibilities visit the Environment Agency website