Relocation of Haverhill Recycling Centre


Suffolk County Council and its partner FCC Environment, who manage and run all 11 of Suffolk’s Recycling Centres, have planning permission to relocate the Chalkstone Way Recycling Centre to a new location, currently occupied by FCC’s Waste Transfer Station (WTS) at Homefield Road.  

The project will create a new modern split-level Recycling Centre designed to make access for residents easier as well as to maximize the recycling of household waste. The new Recycling Centre would be built within part of the existing transfer station site.

The replacement recycling centre will overcome increasing demand at the existing site at Chalkstone Way.  With the forecasted housing growth in the area, future demand is expected to exceed the current site’s capacity.

The benefits of this scheme will be:

  • A brand new, purpose-designed recycling centre created with site users in mind
  • A raised mezzanine platform to provide residents with an elevated position from which to safely dispose of waste - removing the need for steps
  • An easy-to-use layout allowing residents to access clearly marked recycling bays
  • Reduced queuing on the highway
  • Removing the need to close the facility to service the containers
  • Improving accessibility and increasing capacity
  • Introducing greater separation between public vehicles and larger vehicles
  • A covered facility 

A pre planning consultation took place in February and our partner FCC Environment submitted a planning application in the spring of this year. Planning permission was approved in November 2021 along with the Environmental Permit which will allow the site to operate as a recycling centre as well as a waste transfer station. This project sees FCC Environment and Suffolk County Council working as part of the Suffolk Waste Partnership with West Suffolk Council.

Proposed new site layout: 


Frequently Asked Questions

We are purpose designing and building this brand-new Recycling Centre to meet both current and future demands on the county’s waste and recycling infrastructure.

The site is located within the southern area of the Homefield Road Industrial Estate with good access onto the A1070 bypass.

The site is currently operated as a waste transfer station with capacity up to 200,000 tonnes of waste per annum. (A waste transfer station takes waste in that has been collected locally and is bulked up for onward processing, either for disposal or recycling.)

In recent years, waste throughput at the site has reduced and therefore there is spare capacity to accommodate the new Recycling Centre.

No, the new site will be developed inside the current building with some minor external alterations including a new access for users of the Recycling Centre.

The waste transfer station will continue to operate.  West Suffolk Council will continue to tip waste and recycling collected from the Haverhill area.

There is space within the building to continue to operate the waste transfer station and to develop the new Recycling Centre.  These two activities will share the site but will be operated independently.

The site will operate a one-way system for visitors to the Recycling Centre, with vehicles entering the existing transfer station building up a ramp to the parking area  with access to the waste containers, and then exiting via a ramp and new exit to be created on the Northern side of the building.

The new design will provide queuing capacity within the site and improved access from the highway. The raised level construction will improve access to the containers for site users by removing the need for stairs. It means containers can continue to be emptied without the need to close the site.

The recycling centre opening hours will remain the same 09.00-16.00 from 1st October to 31st March and 09.00-17.00 from 1st April to 30th September with a late night Thursday 09.00-19.00 from 1st May – 31st August.  

Due to the current construction industry pressures relating to the demand for materials and labour, and the need to deliver the best possible outcome for the taxpayer, we are unable to confirm when construction can commence. 

The construction should take around 6 months. 

You will be able to bring the same materials for re-use, recycling and disposal as are usually accepted at our Recycling Centres.

Yes, you will be able to drop off items for re-use at the new site.  Reuse will be much more visible which we hope will encourage site users to reuse as much of their unwanted items as possible.

The new site will not be fully operational until 2022.  The current booking system is one of the measures in place to manage the Covid-19 situation and these arrangements will continue to be reviewed.

Yes, the trade service currently offered will be available at the new site.