Local charity shops

Donating and buying re-usable items from local charity stores is a great way to avoid things going to waste. You can donate at all of Suffolk’s recycling centres in the re-use container. Why not visit the charity re-use shop at Foxhall or Bury, or find local charities in your area using the map below!

Charity shops generate more than £300 million a year towards good causes and harness the skills of over 218,000 volunteers nationwide. The shops promote charity causes as well as being environmentally friendly.  

Charity shops are popular with people looking to pick up a bargain. From an environmental view they encourage reuse of items rather than disposing of them and using natural resources to create new ones. Furthermore, goods are usually sourced locally reducing transportation and encouraging local growth. Local charity shops are at the heart of the community.


Charity shop inside showing shelves of books

Charity shops sell a mixture of clothing, books, toys, DVDs, CDs and bric-a-brac such as cutlery and ornaments. Some specialise in areas such as vintage clothing, furniture or records.  Do you have any of these unwanted items that you want to donate to your local shop? Or do you just fancy a spot of charity shopping? You can search for your local charity shop on sites such as the Charity Retail Association, however please be aware that not all shops are listed.  


Alternatively search for your local charity shops using Google Maps.

Links to just a few of the charity shops we have in Suffolk are listed below.



Sue Ryder charity logo



St Elizabeth Hospice charity logo



Ipswich Furniture Project charity logo




Emmaus Charity logo



British Heart Foundation charity logo



Gatehouse charity logo



The Benjamin Foundation charity logo


St Nicholas Hospice Care charity logo