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Welcome to Food Savvy, our exciting new campaign to help the people of Suffolk and Norfolk reduce their food waste and save money.

This joint campaign aims to put our region at the forefront of the UK’s efforts to combat food waste.

In line with the rest of the UK, the average East Anglian family can waste up to £730 a year on food waste – that’s around an extra £60 a month – not to be sniffed at!

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£810 of edible food per year goes to waste in Norfolk and Suffolk households

#FoodSavvy facts

52,000 tonnes of food get thrown away in Suffolk every year (around 35% of all our non-recyclable rubbish is wasted food) and we want to try to do something about it.

Recent polling in our region showed that households are keen to tackle this problem too, with most people (86%) being worried by food waste and 53% feeling guilty about throwing food away.

A further 39% said they’d like help reducing the amount they waste, so now is your opportunity to get involved!


#FoodSavvy challenge

If you would like to take up the four-week #FoodSavvy challenge and see how much money you can save, just sign up

All it takes to reduce your household food bill is a bit of forward planning, some savvy shopping and a commitment to using up your leftovers.

Once you sign up you’ll receive some top tips to help you make the most of your food & reduce your shopping bill. So why not give it a go?

The #FoodSavvy collaboration aims to include businesses, schools, community groups, as well as chefs, food celebrities, bloggers and vloggers across Suffolk and Norfolk, as we realize we can’t tackle this huge food waste mountain in isolation. The more people, communities and businesses that get involved across our two counties the better!


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Businesses, organisations, bloggers and vloggers

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Ways to reduce food waste

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Planning saves. It helps you to stretch food across a week and only buy what you need. A minute of plan-making can save hours of fussing over what to eat.


Shop smart

Use your list and don’t be seduced by offers that you may not be able to eat. Keep an eye on date labels and buy in small quantities when you can. A deal is only a deal if you can eat it.


Store it right

Don't ignore where to store! Storing food in the right place can make it last longer and taste better. 


Portion size

Get your portions right and both your purse and waistline will see the benefit. Leftover ingredients or meals can always find a happy home in another dish.

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Bagged food in a freezer


Increased freezer use can save you up to £270 per year on your food bills. Who would have thawed?



Can't finish the food in your fridge? We bet that there's someone out there who can help you.

Home Compost

Still got leftovers? Composting food waste at home is a great option for unavoidable food waste such as fruit and veg peelings. There's a variety of compost bins and wormeries available to Suffolk residents at subsidised prices starting from less than £10.

See our Home Composting page for more info.


To see more detailed tips and other ways to reduce your food waste follow #FoodSavvy-tips.

Also further advice on ways to reduce food waste with our less waste, save more pack.

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