Textiles waste

Why love your clothes?

In one year in the UK: 

  • all of the discarded clothing would fill Wembley Stadium! 

  • an estimated £140 million worth (around 350,000 tonnes) of used clothing is thrown away.

  • in an average household, nearly a third of clothes (worth over £1,000 per household, £30 billion in total) haven’t been worn in the last year.

The Love Your Clothes campaign from WRAP is all about changing the way we buy, use and dispose of our clothing, with the aim to reduce the environmental impact of clothing across the UK.

Pile of textiles

Tips to love your clothes and help the environment

  1. Smarter buying

    • Choose clothes that are made better so they last longer

    • Buy pre-loved clothes from your local charity shop or online

    • Check what you already own and plan your wardrobe and/or outfits

  2. Care and Repair 

    • Know how to care for your clothes properly can keep them at their best. The Love Your Clothes website has some great care tips!

    • Simple repairs to your clothes could keep them going for longer. Not sure how to start? These care and repair videos will help.

  3. Refashion and Upcycle

    • If your clothes are starting to look a bit outdated, why don't you get crafty and create a whole new look! Need some ideas? 

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Find more tips and advice on the Love Your Clothes website.

Fallen out of love with an item of clothing?

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You can:

If you want to suggest a good site for a new textiles bank then contact us at waste.management@suffolk.gov.uk