Glass recycling

Your local glass bank needs you!

We recycle 70% of our glass in Suffolk but we could still do a little bit more to give glass bottles and jars a new lease of life!

There are over 1000 glass recycling 'bring banks' in Suffolk. Find your nearest bring bank.

You can recycle glass bottles and jars without any loss of quality, so it doesn’t make sense to let this valuable resource go to waste.

Please don’t put window glass, light bulbs, reading glasses, glass cooking dishes in a glass bank. However, you can recycle them at any Suffolk Recycling Centre.


Metal bottle top for a glass bottle

Did you know you can leave metal tops and lids on for recycling too? You can find your nearest glass bring banks.

Sheets of pane glass

You can recycle flat glass at any Suffolk Recycling Centre

Pyrex jug

You can recycle Pyrex cooking dishes/ jugs in the flat glass container at any Suffolk Recycling Centre.  However if it's in good condition why not see if you can donate unwanted items for re-use to any charity shop.

 Did you know?


Recycling one glass bottle saves enough energy to power 1 hour of a light bulb or 20 minutes of a laptop