Recycling Centre site rules, what to bring & charges

Read the site rules, find out what you can and can't bring, and see charges for plasterboard and hardcore, rubble and soil.

Service rules

  • You must book a slot to be able to take waste to Suffolk Recycling Centres
  • Sites are open 6 days a week (closed Wednesdays). See our site opening times
  • Face coverings are advised, you should wear a face covering if you require assistance on site
  • Park within the designated bays.
  • Speed limit of 5 mph applies on site.
  • No engine idling. Please turn your engine off whilst your vehicle is stationary.
  • Please sort your waste before you arrive at the site before placing it into the correct container.
  • Use the handrails on stairs and never lean or climb into the container.
  • Never throw waste into the containers.
  • Wear gloves and sensible shoes for your own safety.
  • Trolleys are available on site for heavy items. Please ask site staff for assistance.
  • Keep children and pets inside your vehicle.
  • Do not smoke on site.
  • Report any hazards to site staff immediately.
  • Business or trade customers/vehicles are restricted to visit twice per 7 day period. We reserve the right to cancel any multiple bookings made in a 7 day period.
  • Aggressive behaviours will not be tolerated. You may be asked to leave or be banned from site should you behave in an aggressive manner
  • For safety and security reasons, we politely request that you refrain from taking photographs and video recordings on sites without prior permission.
  • You must declare if you are bringing trade waste at the point of booking and you must pay when you deposit the materials at the Recycling Centre(s).

What can I bring?

  • Empty aerosol cans
  • Batteries
  • Car batteries
  • Cardboard
  • Cardboard and metal food and drink packaging (e.g. Pringles tubes, hot chocolate and gravy) 
  • Cartons
  • Cooking oil
  • Flat glass
  • Furniture
  • Garden waste
  • Gas bottles
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Hard plastics
  • Large electrical appliances
  • Light bulbs
  • Metals
  • Mobile phones
  • Paper
  • Plastic bottles, tubs and food trays
  • Printer cartridges 
  • Small electrical appliances 
  • Spectacles
  • Tassimo & L'OR coffee pods (incl. all Tassimo & L'OR plastic packaging)
  • TVs and monitors 
  • Wood and timber 
  • DIY waste (hardcore, rubble, plasterboard, ceramic items etc) 
  • Textiles
  • Re-usable items to go to the re-use shops (put in the orange containers on site).

Non-recyclable waste, such as mattresses and furniture, are also accepted for disposal (apart from materials mentioned in the dropdown below)

We do not accept the following items at recycling centres. Search the A to Z of recycling for advice about alternative disposal options:



Anything classified as Household waste from your home is accepted free of charge. Hardcore, rubble, soil, ceramic bathroom items and plasterboard are not classified as household waste, even when they are from your own home and therefore a charge is payable when you get to site. 

Charges also apply to any waste arising from business and trade activity - you must declare that you are bringing business or trade waste when making a booking.  

You can only pay by card, not cash. Rates determined by site staff are non-negotiable, there are 25L containers on site that site staff can use as a comparison to charge appropriately.

Hardcore, rubble and soil

Volume Charge (including VAT)
Up to ten (25 litre) bags or equivalent   £2 per 25 litres (minimum charge £2) 
Over ten (25 litre) bags or equivalent   £2.50 per 25 litres
Half transit van or equivalent  £25
Full transit van or equivalent  £50
Double wheeled van or equivalent   £100


Plasterboard can only be taken to Lowestoft, Foxhall, Stowmarket and Bury St Edmunds only. The standard plasterboard sheet size is 1.2m x 2.4m.

Volume Charge (including VAT)
First 3 sheets or equivalent  £2.50 per sheet 
4 to 8 sheets or equivalent £5 per sheet 
Half transit van or equivalent  £50 
Full transit van or equivalent  £100
Double wheeled van or equivalent   £200

Single item charges

Item Charge (including VAT)
Toilet bowl  £2
Toilet cistern £2
Single sink £2
Sink pedestal £2
Double sink £4
Small shower tray £2
Large shower tray £4

The above prices apply to ceramic items. If you have plastic or glass bathroom items, you can take these to the recycling centres and dispose of these for free.

Minimum £2 charge regardless of size. Other items charge at the discretion of site staff based on estimated volume.


Compost for Sale

Pre-bagged compost is available for sale on all sites - £3.00 per 25 litre bag. Please let site staff know on arrival if you would like to purchase. Contactless card payment will be available at the kiosk.