Recycling centre service rules

Read the service rules to visit a recycling centre.

Service rules

  • You must book a slot to be able to take waste to any of Suffolk County Council’s Recycling Centres. By making a booking, you are agreeing that details of your vehicle as well as names and addresses may be recorded for monitoring purposes. We also reserve the right to collect data in relation to your visit at the site by using booking system records, ANPR camera systems, CCTV or body cameras and collecting staff reports of your behaviour whilst on site.
  • You must at all times treat site staff with respect and be considerate of other site users. Aggressive behaviour, abusive language, or verbal or physical attacks aimed towards staff or other service users will not be tolerated. You may be asked to leave or be banned from site should you behave in an aggressive, abusive, or violent manner, and your behaviour may also be reported to the police. Staff may be wearing body cameras and CCTV is also in operation on the site.
  • You must only deposit items on site, that are accepted at our Recycling Centres, a full list can be found on the 'What you can bring and charges' page. Any waste generated as a result of business or paid services becomes commercial waste. You must declare if you are bringing commercial/trade waste at the point of booking and you must pay in full at the Recycling Centre(s) before you deposit the materials.
  • From 31 December 2023 DIY waste (hardcore, rubble, soil, ceramic bathroom items and plasterboard which have arisen from DIY activities at your own home, not as a result of work by a tradesperson at your home), will be free to dispose of at Recycling Centres up to the following limits: a) Four 25 litre bags, or equivalent (100 litres), or a single article of waste no larger than 2000mm x 750mm x 700mm, per visit. b) Four visits permitted in every 4-week period. All DIY waste in exceedance of these limits must be paid for in line with these charges:
  • If disposing of commercial/trade waste, you must ensure that you hold the correct licences and documentation in relation to the transport and transfer of commercial waste.
  • Business or trade customers/vehicles are restricted to two appointments per 7 day period. If you are disposing of business or trade waste, you must not create over two bookings in a seven day period. We reserve the right to cancel any further bookings made in a 7 day period.
  • You should remove any personal data from electrical items such as PCs, laptops, smart TVs, mobile phones, tablets and sat-navs.
  • You must park within the designated bays. You must not park your vehicle outside the site and walk waste into the site.
  • You must abide by a speed limit of 5 mph whilst on the site.
  • You must turn your engine off whilst your vehicle is stationary, including whilst queuing. Engine idling is not permitted.
  • You must ensure that your vehicle is parked safely whilst stationary, including whilst you are outside of the vehicle depositing waste.
  • Please sort your waste prior to your arrival at the site in order to avoid delays. Whilst at the site you should only be placing your previously sorted waste into the correct container.
  • You must take care whilst using the steps, including using the handrails.
  • You must never lean or climb into the container.
  • You must only follow safe walking routes whilst on site.
  • You must place (and never throw) waste into the correct container.
  • You are strongly advised to wear gloves, suitable clothing and sensible shoes whilst on the site.
  • You are advised to use the trolleys available on the site for heavy items. Please ask site staff for assistance if you require this.
  • Pets and young children under the age of 12, must be kept inside your vehicle at all times whilst on site. If a child over the age of 12 goes on site, they must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.
  • You must not deliberately label waste incorrectly or leave any waste outside of our Recycling Centres. This is classed as fly-tipping and you could face prosecution.
  • You must not smoke or vape within the boundary of the site.
  • You must report any hazards to site staff immediately upon noticing or becoming aware of the hazard.
  • For safety and security reasons, you must refrain from taking photographs and video recordings on the site without prior permission from a member of site staff.
  • You must always comply with site staff instructions whilst on the site.
  • By bringing your vehicle on site, you are doing so at your own risk. We will not accept responsibility for any damage, accident or loss to vehicles or property. It is our duty to ensure that waste is disposed of correctly and appropriately.

Visitors to Leiston recycling centre: please be aware that the compactor bins for most materials apart from metal, have a maximum opening of 1 x 1.5 metres. It helps to ensure that your items are no larger than this. If you do bring larger items, please ask site staff for advice about where to place them.

If you continue to make a booking, you are agreeing to be legally bound by the Service Rules above, and any failure to comply with these Service Rules may result in a temporary ban or fine from any or all Suffolk County Council Recycling Centres.

If you persistently fail to comply with these Service Rules you may be banned from any or all Suffolk County Council Recycling Centres for an unlimited period of time.

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