Re-use your waste

Find out about different ways you can re-use to keep things in circulation for longer!

Re-use is a bit like recycling but even better! It means that products can get a new lease of life and last much longer, simply by changing hands or by changing the way a product is used. This avoids the need for new or recycled products that would use more energy to make as well as more natural and man-made resources. 

Re-use can be a simple as using an old envelope to write your shopping list, cleaning out a empty jam jar and using it as a storage jar in your kitchen, using empty yoghurt pots as plant pots in your garden or taking an empty washing up liquid bottle to your local refill shop to get it refilled. 

It can also be about donating, selling or buying reusable things such as furniture, toys and clothes. There are many online market places such as Freegle, Freecycle, Facebook Marketplace, GumtreeeBay etc. 

Or you can visit charity shops, second hand shops and car boot sales. 

There are lots of selling and ‘gifting’ pages or groups on social media including a huge market in second hand clothes on site such as Vinted, and Depop. Why not see what’s on offer in your local area or further afield?

The inside of a charity shop filled with items

Support your local charity shop

Charity shops generate more than £300 million a year towards good causes and harness the skills of over 218,000 volunteers nationwide. The shops promote charity causes as well as being environmentally friendly and stock a whole range of items from white goods to vintage clothes.

Not only does your local charity shop help the environment by encouraging re-use of items rather than disposal, they also sell locally sourced goods which reduces transportation and encourages local economic growth. Local charity shops are at the heart of the community.

You can search for your local charity shop on sites such as the Charity Retail Association, (please be aware that not all shops are listed).

Alternatively search for your local charity shops here using Google Maps.