Business and trade waste

Find out what business and trade waste is, how to have it collected by your local waste collection authority or dispose of it yourself at a recycling centre.

What is business and trade waste?

Trade, commercial or business waste includes:

  • waste from premises used wholly or mainly for the purposes of a trade or business or for the purpose of sport, recreation, education or entertainment
  • waste from gardening and building work carried out on a domestic property (if the person carrying out the work is not the homeowner)
  • waste from a domestic property that has been given to a commercial company to dispose of, it then becomes trade waste.

This does not include household, agricultural or industrial waste.

Collection service

Contact your waste collection authority to find out more about their competitive and reliable trade waste collection services from your premises.


Email address

Phone number

Babergh District Council 

01449 724820 /  0300 1234 0000 (option 4) 

East Suffolk Council 

03300 166111

Ipswich Borough Council 


01473 433084

Mid Suffolk District Council

01449 724820 / 0300 1234 0000 (option 4) 

West Suffolk Council​

01284 758800

Recycling centres

Business/ Trade waste is now accepted at Recycling Centres, but you will need to book a slot before you visit.

The scheme is targeted at small businesses and tradespeople who may not have the resource or the volume of waste to justify a commercial collection.

Charges and paperwork apply to any waste resulting from a business or trade activity (more information in the drop downs below).

When you arrive:

  • As a trader, it is your duty to declare your waste to site staff upon arrival and pay the appropriate fee before you unload your vehicle.
  • Failure to correctly declare your waste is a breach of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.