What you can bring and charges

What you can and can't bring to the recycling centres plus information on charges for specific items.

What can I bring?

Signs saying garden waste, cardboard and hard plastics at a recycling centre.

DIY waste at Recycling Centres 

Anything classified as household waste from your home is accepted free of charge.

Hardcore, rubble, soil, ceramic bathroom items and plasterboard are not classified as household waste, even when they are from your own home. Therefore a charge is payable when you get to site (charges apply until 30 Dec). See charges below. 

From 31 December 2023 hardcore, rubble, soil, ceramic bathroom items and plasterboard, which has arisen from DIY activities at your own home (not as a result of work by a tradesperson at your home) will be free to dispose of at recycling centre up to the following limits: 

  • Four 25 litre bags, or equivalent (100 litres), or a single article of waste no larger than 2000mm x 750mm x 700mm, per visit.
  • Four visits permitted in every 4-week period. 

You are welcome to bring larger quantities or visit more frequently and pay the appropriate charges at site [see table of charges below). Please make yourself known to site staff upon arrival.

View a summary of the changes to household DIY waste

DIY Waste Frequently Asked Questions

Trade waste at Recycling Centres

Charges also apply to any waste arising from business and trade activity, even if this has come from a domestic property - you must declare that you are bringing business or trade waste when making a booking. If you are a landlord bringing waste from your rental property, all waste must be paid for.

Payment and charges

You can only pay by card, not cash.

Rates determined by site staff are non-negotiable, there are 25L containers on site that site staff can use as a comparison to charge appropriately.

Hardcore, rubble and soil


Charge (including VAT)
Up to ten (25 litre) bags or equivalent £2 per 25 litres (minimum charge £2)

Over ten (25 litre) bags or equivalent

£2.50 per 25 litres

Half transit van or equivalent


Full transit van or equivalent


Double wheeled van or equivalent



Plasterboard can only be taken to Lowestoft, Foxhall, Stowmarket and Bury St Edmunds only. The standard plasterboard sheet size is 1.2m x 2.4m.

Volume Charge (including VAT)

First 3 sheets or equivalent

£2.50 per sheet

4 to 8 sheets or equivalent

£5 per sheet

Half transit van or equivalent


Full transit van or equivalent


Double wheeled van or equivalent


Single item charges

Item Charge (including VAT)

Toilet bowl


Toilet cistern


Single sink


Sink pedestal


Double sink


Small shower tray


Large shower tray


The above prices apply to ceramic items. If you have plastic or glass bathroom items, you can take these to the recycling centres and dispose of these for free.

Minimum £2 charge regardless of size. Other items charge at the discretion of site staff based on estimated volume.

Charges may apply to certain items brought to site, which exceed usual domestic quantity and quality. Please ask site staff for more information and prices.

Compost for Sale

Pre-bagged compost is available for sale on all sites - £3.00 per 25 litre bag.

Please let site staff know on arrival if you would like to purchase. Contactless card payment will be available at the kiosk.

You must have a booking in order to visit any of Suffolk’s Recycling Centres, even if you are only purchasing compost.

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