Find out how to reduce, recycle and dispose of batteries.

Many items such as tv remotes, toothbrushes, vapes, shavers, chargers and toys contain batteries which are not always obvious. Batteries can cause fires if not disposed of correctly. Where batteries are sealed and cannot be removed, please place these items in the small electricals (WEEE) container at your local recycling centre when you next visit.


Why not consider using re-usable batteries instead of disposable ones?


Household batteries

You can recycle household batteries at any Suffolk Recycling Centre or place them in battery containers which are often found in supermarkets. Find your nearest recycling point.

Leaking batteries can also be brought to the recycling centre if these are sealed in a plastic bag or wrapped in clingfilm. 

Car batteries 

You can recycle car batteries at any Suffolk Recycling Centre in the car battery container (for advice on other car parts & oil, see entries for "car parts", "car seats" and "engine oil").


You must not throw away batteries in your rubbish bin.

They contain small quantities of hazardous material as well as precious metals and should be properly recycled.